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Australian Immigration and Visa Services

Australia is possibly the most attractive destination for those seeking to migrate and start a new life abroad. Australian Immigration Law can, however, be quite complex.

Browse the options below and find what options and visas are available for you to emigrate to Australia.

The Australian Immigration program offers places for skilled workers intending to apply for an Australian Skilled Worker Visa. Age, Qualifications, experience and other factors are considered.

The skill stream of Australia's migration program is intended for people who are highly skilled, are under 45 and who will quickly make a contribution to the Australian economy.

There are four categories for employer-sponsored migration to Australia. These are the Employer Nomination Scheme (employer sponsored work visa), the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (to support the development of specific regions), Labour Agreements and Regional Headquarters Agreements.

Australia's business skills migration program encourages successful business people (business owners, investors and senior executives) to settle permanently in Australia and develop new or existing businesses in Australia.

There are several options designed to enable business migration to Australia. Exactly which type of migration is relevant relies upon your exact requirements, relevant business experience and available investment capital.

The Australian Government encourages international students to study in Australia. Those students who complete an Australian qualification which meets residence criteria, may apply for a work permit and/or residence on completion of their studies.

The Australia Immigration program allows relatives of Australian Citizens and permanent residents to sponsor their spouse or family members into Australia.

The Australia temporary residence program includes a category for those wanting to live in Australia in retirement, allowing retirees to spend some of their retirement years in Australia.

The Australia Working Holiday Visa allows working holiday makers to have an extended working holiday in Australia by supplementing their travel funds through incidental employment, and to experience closer contact with a local community in Australia.

Australia Immigration
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