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Australian Skilled Visa Application Assessment

Please complete the following form and upload your CV and we will provide a FREE assessment of your application for the Skilled Worker Visa for Australia.

Please ensure that you enter your correct email address in order to receive an assessment for the Skilled Worker Visa application for Australia.
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Your Present Occupation:
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Languages: (You must be fluent in English to apply)
If you speak any languages apart from English please list them below:
Relatives in Australia: (Only complete if you have relatives currently living in Australia)
Do you have any relatives living in Australia?  Tick if ‘yes’
If you have answered "yes", what is their relation to you?
Where in Australia do they reside? (Postcode or zip if known)
Job offer: (Complete if you have an offer of employment from an Australian company)
If you have a job offer from an Australian company, please give details:
Your Background:
Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offence?
If yes, please provide a brief explanation regarding the nature of the offence and the punishment received (i.e. imprisonment, fine):
Have you ever been refused entry in to Australia or had a visa refused?
If yes, please provide a brief explanation:
Do you intend to include any dependent children on your application if eligible?

If yes, please state the number of dependents (all must be under the age of 18):
Your Spouse or Partner: (Complete only if you wish to include your partner in your application)
Will you be including a Spouse or Partner in your application?  Tick if ‘yes’
Partners Occupation:
Nominated Occupation:
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Australia Immigration
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