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Visitor Visa for Australia

The Visitor Visa for Australia allows people wanting to visit for tourism or other recreational activities such as holiday, sightseeing, social or recreational reasons, to visit relatives or friends or other short-term non-work purposes (including short-term study).

General Australia Visitors visa conditions are:

If you genuinely want to visit Australia, with no intention to take up any sort of employment opportunities, then one of the following visas may apply to you:

Tourist Short Stay Visitor Visa for Australia: Subclass 676:

This particular visa is valid for a period of three months or less and is not usually extendable. If you intend to stay longer then please refer to the Long Stay visa below.

This visa can be granted for single or multiple entries.

Visitors travelling on this visa are usually not required to undergo a medical.

Tourist Long Stay Visitor Visa for Australia: Subclass 686:

Visas under this category are usually granted for a period of longer than 3 months however they are generally granted with a stay of 6 months and can be extended for a period of 12 months in certain circumstances.

This visa can be granted for single or multiple entries.

This visa may only be extended past a 12 month period in exceptional circumstances.

Medical Treatment:

This visa class covers any persons wanting to come to Australia to receive medical treatment, whether the treatment is elective or an emergency.

Accompanying family members must also apply for this visa.

Visa categories are:

Sponsored Australia Visitor Visa:

Australian Citizens or Permanent Residents can sponsor relatives or friends to come to Australia under the following categories: Sponsors may be able to guarantee your application for a stay of three months or less.

Sponsors may also be asked to lodge a security bond in order to evidence the fact that they can support the person they are attempting to sponsor if necessary.

It is at the discretion of the case officer whether or not your sponsor will have to lodge a bond and exactly how much they may have to deposit. Security bonds can range anywhere between A$5000 and A$15000 or more if necessary.

This visa is only granted for one single visit.

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